Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Ear Spacers

Congratulations, you have just ruined what little chance you actually had of getting a decent job. And no, head burger flipper at Hungry Jacks is not a decent job. First impressions last, so what respectable business would want it's potential clients walking away in disgust never to return again after being catered to by disfigured weirdo? None.

Imagine being represented in court by a someone with fucked up ear lobes. Ludicrous! 5 years of University won't stop the world seeing them for the bottom feeding rat bag they are.

What could possibly possess someone to mutilate their body in such a way? It serves no purpose whatsoever and looks terrible. The only positive thing about them is that they allow people to easily recognise the lowest rung of society.

I instantly lose respect for anybody with ear spacers/stretchers the moment I see them. Show me one reputable person with these atrocities and I will give you $1000 cold hard cash money.

I will take great pleasure in 10 to 20 years at watching tossers with droopy ears lining up at Centrelink for the bi-weekly dole cheque because no one is stupid enough to give them a job.

Enjoy your permanent fail!