Monday, March 21, 2011

Commission based jobs with low retainers

Never work in sales. Period.

"Uncapped earning potential" is such a crock of fucking shit. Sure, if you want to eat, breathe and fucking sleep at work, you *may* earn a decent wage. But if your a normal person, you'll still end up working 60 hours a week for three-fifths of fuck all.

Claiming that you have the ability to earn unlimited amounts is just an excuse for certain companies to pay you a petty base wage of 30 grand a year (before tax!).

I'd probably earn more working part-time at Maccas...

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  1. Agreed. The 26.5k a year doesn't justify the fact I haven't seen sunshine in 12 months. Mcdonalds for 21 plus year olds is 21 dollars an hour for the hours you work, not 12 dollars an hour from 9 -5 you get from this kind of job, regardless if your there from 6.50am -9pm. I'm not bitter from my experiences or anything....